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A nurses guide to Tear Trough Treatment

Updated: May 21, 2019

You're in your 30's or 40's, perhaps even older or dare I say it.... younger. You wake up in the morning after a good night sleep and feel refreshed. BUT after one look in the mirror, you still have bags under your eyes, look tired, have dark circles and cannot get rid of those hollows despite the gallons of concealer you apply.

This is one of the amazing uses of dermal filler! Filling those hollows using a blunt tip cannula to ensure no trauma to any vessels and minimise risk around the eye area.

I could not wait to have this treatment done, being a nurse has meant long shifts and nightshifts too. This has definitely taken its toll on my skin! During this procedure i received less than 1ml between both tear troughs of premium filler. It was completely painless......which was why I was able to video and talk quite comfortable during the procedure. I am in love with the results, less makeup and less dark circles. This is also my favourite treatment to perform as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner as the results are unbelievable.

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