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How Do You Chose An Aesthetic Practitioner?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I think we can all agree, the market for Aesthetics is totally saturated, there are practitioners located on every corner! So how do you pick one? How do you make the right decision? I wanted to share a blog this month on this simple subject which has caused a lot of controversy over the last few months and seems to be a 'hot' topic on news and social media.....causing all kinds of debate among practitioners and public alike. Here are my steps to picking the all important medical professional;

1. Pick a fully trained medical or healthcare professional. Yes, your beauty therapist can do your lips for a very low price but this will probably cost you in the long run. We have studied anatomy for years at university and we know what we are doing. We are extensively trained in recognising complications and have the emergency drugs and access to prescriptions to manage this.

2. Do your research. I can't stress this strongly enough. Ask to see qualifications, ask to see before and after photos, ask what their aftercare policy in place is. Ask ask ask!!

3. Do not make decisions based on price. This is your face, we all want value for money but as the saying pay cheap you pay twice. You pay more for the knowledge and time of a professional. Their qualifications and training have taken years upon years of studying and learning, for this reason is why the price may be higher.

4. Make sure they are registered with a professional body such as NMC, GMC, ACE etc and fully insured to treat you, otherwise when things go wrong who is there to protect you?

5. Book a consultation. This is normally free of charge, go to the clinic/practitioner and get a feel for the surroundings and meet the clinician. After this most people know if they trust them or not. Are you happy going there for treatment? Also, this is an opportunity to discuss your concerns and the need for treatment, after all you may not be a suitable candidate!

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