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Are natural-looking results possible with filler?

We've all seen pictures of celebrities on social media who've overdone it with dermal fillers, giving them a bad reputation for those without first-hand experience. The vast majority of people prefer natural-looking results, but a combination of important factors are needed to achieve this desired outcome.


The first factor is the quality and suitability of the product used. There are hundreds of different fillers on the market now, and it is always tempting to go for the cheapest one. However, cheap fillers often come with their own complications, so you should always go for a well-trusted brand. What’s more, fillers now come in a variety of thicknesses depending on where on the face it is used (the thinnest filler should go in the lips for enhanced movement, whereas the thickest filler can go into the cheek or jaw for maximum volume), so you need to make sure the right filler is being used in the right area of the face.

Technique and placement

The second factor is the skill of the practitioner and the accurate placement of the product. The product must be placed in the correct position and layer of the skin for it to have the maximum effect, and this requires an experienced and knowledgeable aesthetician to perform. With lips, for example, use of a cannula often results in a more natural look to spread the product out evenly, with much less chance of creating a ‘trout pout’.


The third and final factor is the quantity of product used. Too much product can result in an unnatural, puffy, and overfilled look that no one wants! Excessive product can also increase the risk of the product migrating to surrounding areas, with the filler ending up in undesired places on the face.

Take-home message

It is always better to enhance what is already there using a subtle and balanced approach, rather than try to create a look that is completely new to your face. To achieve natural-looking results, the key is to go to a reputable practitioner with vast experience and knowledge and to not get too much in one go. And never opt for the cheapest product or practitioner, as you might regret in the long run.

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